Nicole J. Rafanello, Ph.D.

As a clinician, Dr. Rafanello utilizes assessment to inform treatment. In essence, you and she define the problems together, understand them, and then address them. This requires honest input and work on the part of the individual and a commitment to change and improvement. Of equal importance is accepting and noticing judgments about yourself and others, that may impact your ability to be happy and cope with life. Also important is a non-judgmental acceptance of yourself and your circumstances. This is necessary in order to truly see and define the problems while simultaneously recognizing and working to change them. 
"Deciding to embrace psychotherapy, needing to identify a psychological expert, or seeking out psychological consultation can be a daunting task. It is my sincere hope that this website is helpful, informative, and useful in that endeavor."
Dr. Rafanello is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist, offering a comprehensive array of consultation, assessment and evaluation services for adolescents and adults as well as expert testimony in areas where mental health and the law intersect. She is the preferred Police Psychologist for various cities, municipalities and the NJ State PBA.

Dr Rafanello is a member of the APA, AAFP, AP-LS, NJPA, MCPA, DCPAIACFP, IACPSPCPNJ-ACT, and NYSPAShe is licensed in New Jersey (#4972) and Washington D.C. (PSY1000401).